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After School Program

After School Program

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Southgate Summer Program 2019

 June 3rd to July 19th 

Monday – Friday 

Holiday - No Summer Program: July 4th – 5 th 

 Welcome to the Southgate Summer Program! Our Program provides a safe, secure environment for the students of Southgate and the surrounding community. Our program will serve breakfast and lunch, and do fun physical activities at no cost to you.  

Required for Registration:

The Summer Program Registration Form (one per family) The Completed Emergency Information Form (one per student) 

 Hours of Operation: 

Breakfast 8:30am – 9:30am 

Activity Time 9:30am – 12:00pm 

Lunch 12:00pm – 1:00pm 

All students must be picked up no later than 1:00 pm. 

*Any student picked up later than 30 minutes could result in a permanent suspension from the program. 

Southgate Academy's Summer Program Application

Summer Program Application 2019 (pdf)


Summer program Menus



SFSP - JUNE 2019 lunch MENU (1) (pdf)


Making a Change in lives of students

What is M.A.C.I.L.O.S.?


The MACILOS Program is a replicable, innovative program using research-based instruction and curricula intertwined with real-life application. In part, MACILOS Program was created using the foundational principles of Abraham Maslow’s, “Hierarchy of needs” theory. Overall, the programs pyramid structure is designed to meet a student’s physiological needs, sense of safety, social needs, and self-esteem. Once these lower level deficiencies are met, a student’s academic growth is challenged to explore, discover and excel on their own using the knowledge they gain to reach their highest potential.

 PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS: Proper nutrition – The MACILOS students are served, free of charge, breakfast, two protein snacks, (mid morning and mid afternoon), and a healthy lunch daily, low in sugars and fat.

SAFETY: Provide an environment where students feel safe and secure.

SOCIAL NEEDS: Students need a sense of belonging. They need to develop healthy friendships and feel loved. The MACILOS is a program that develops strong bonds and is designed for students to feel a sense of family with their peers and instructors. Throughout the fiscal school year, several social reinforcement trips are planned including a trip to Washington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida, “Home of the Gators.”(A Tutorial Instructor is assigned to go on all trips to assist with the students’ academics.)
ESTEEM: Students should be recognized for their achievements. In MACILOS, it isn’t where the student is – “it’s where they are going.” This program challenges where a student is weak and encourages them to achieve what they will need to do to become life-long productive, responsible, and successful young adults.
KNOWLEDGE: The academic success of a child depends on a team of individuals which includes parents, instructors, and students. By closely monitoring a student’s progress, academic gains are more easily reached.
BEHAVIOR: Students are given and learn to display the utmost respect for others. That includes their peers, staff, and their community.
SELF-ACTUALIZATION: Helping a student reach their highest potential is the ultimate quest of the MACILOS Program. MACILOS is designed to prepare students for “AFTER” graduation. There are many different avenues to success, however without preparation, (which includes the possibility of furthering a student’s education through a secondary means); students will not be ready for adulthood. Southgate has developed many partnerships with community businesses in career training along with Pima Community College. Many of our students will earn 1 year towards their Associate Degree upon High School Graduation.


Southgate After School Program ​2018-2019

Additional Information


Southgate After School Program for the school year of 2018-2019. Our Program provides a safe, secure environment for the students of Southgate. Our program allows time for your student(s) to do their homework, as well as a snack time (provided by us), physical activity time, and educationally based activities.

Basic Information We Require for Registration:

  • The After School Registration Form for 2018-19 (one per family)
  • The completed Emergency Information form (one per student)

Hours of Operation:

  • We are open from 3:30pm-5:00pm
  • (Wednesday from 2:30pm-5:00pm)
  • All students must be picked up no later than 5:15pm.

*Students must be picked up prior to 5:16pm or there will be a late fee of $10.00 per 15 minutes of tardiness

*This late fee must be paid before the student may return to the program.

*After 3 late pick-ups the student(s) will no longer be eligible for the after school program.

*Any student picked up later than 30 minutes will result in a permanent suspension from the program.

Cost of the Program:

There is a $25.00 per child weekly fee that is due the Friday before the participating week. The cost is decreased slightly if you have multiple children:

1 Child-$25.00 (weekly) 

2 Children-$40.00 (weekly)

Each Additional Child $15.00 (weekly)
Example: 3 children = $55 per week

Daily Rates for less than the entire week:
1 Child-$8.00 (daily) 

2 Children-$14.00 (daily) Each Additional Child $5.00 (daily)
Example: 3 children = $19.00 per day

Southgate After School Program has a weekly payment system. 

You are required to pay a week in advance (No later than the Friday before the week.) You have the choice of cash or check for payment. (exact change for cash would be greatly appreciated.) Please indicate whether your student(s) is full time or less.


After School Application

After School Program Application 2019-20 (pdf)