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Classes begin promptly at 8:30 am. Students should not be dropped off or arrive before 7:30 AM (there is no supervision prior to 7:30 am) or remain on campus after 3:45 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 2:45 PM on Wednesday, except in supervised, school-sponsored after school activities.

All students should be dropped off in the pick-up/drop-off area. Please do not drop off your child using the left side of your car, the right side (closest to the drop off area) is the safest. Enter the parking lot from the north east entrance and exit at the southeast exit. Left lane is for through traffic only (NO Parking), right lane is for drop off/pick-up.

After 8:25 am all students are expected be in their classrooms or in the school building ready for the start of the day. You must park in the school parking lot to drop off students if you are going into the building, do not park along the curb or gravel area for safety purposes.

Parking in handicapped spaces without the proper license plate or decals may also result in a parking violation. Southgate Academy will not be responsible for tickets incurred by parents or staff while on school property.

School personnel will be visible in the front of the school to assist parents, to monitor students, and to help children in crosswalks the parking lot in the designated area beginning at 7:30 AM.

No bike riding, skateboarding, or skating is allowed on campus. Bike racks are provided in the front of school.



At the end of the school day all students are taken to the designated pick-up area or dismissed to other assigned areas at which school-sponsored after-school activities are conducted. Students in after-school activities must have their belongings at the end of school day before reporting to their activity; building and classroom doors may be locked after school. Unless enrolled in supervised after school activities/clubs or study halls, students should not be on campus past 3:45 PM.

Students must be picked up in the designated area.For safety reasons, please do not ask your child to meet you at other pick-up points.

Most after school programs will be announced at the beginning of the school year. ANY STUDENTS REMAINING ON CAMPUS AFTER 3:45 PM MUST BE IN A SUPERVISED ACTIVITY or enrolled in the after school program.